About Us

Génifer creates decorative hardware of exceptional workmanship and enduring beauty.

Our 100 year old foundry lies in the heart of the Vimeu region, birthplace of France’s ironmongery industry. Every detail of the Génifer process, from choosing the raw materials to the meticulous finish of each product, draws on a legacy of traditional techniques, handed down from generation to generation.

Our hand-finished door furniture is inspired by some of the most eclectic designs found in France’s finest houses and chateaux. Choose from an array of collections, each reflecting its own distinctive style.

Combine your choice of style with one of our superb finishes, and let history’s inspiration enhance any interior, from the most traditional to the contemporary. No matter how discerning, architects, designers, builders and home owners will find the ideal ‘finishing touch’ in the Génifer collections.

We are proud of our heritage and global reputation for unsurpassed quality. Our products are only available from our worldwide network of approved dealers.


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